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Energent delivers energy management and conservation tools that are proven to save money.

Energent is a new breed of Energy Services Company (ESCO) that has assembled a highly capable and experienced team within multiple disciplines, including. Energy, Building Services, Lighting, Recycling, Waste Compaction, Staffing, Electrical, Utility Auditing & Services, and Virtual ESG. We work in concert with our Facility Managers, General Managers, Building Operations personnel, CFO’S, Owners, Energy Managers, Building Superintendents, Directors and COO’s.  

We recover energy costs and/or savings using our IoT based solutions combined with years of industry experience. We establish a baseline energy profile that is unique to you and your company or organization, we can then prescribe for you the appropriate product and solution mix that meets your exacting requirements. Because you can’t manage what you can’t measure?

By leveraging the power of sensors and Ai driven algorithms, we are driving efficiency towards 99% accuracy to deliver an average of 15% to 25% in energy savings to you. Energent provides you with multiple ways to reduce your present and future energy costs!


Ask an Authorized Energent Representative to meet with you and tell you more.  Zoom call or in-person, there is No-Charge for the Energy Efficiency

and Cost Reduction Checkup.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Is the best way to save money from energy already produced.   Whether you're looking to reduce energy consumption (Electricity, Natural Gas, Water) in lighting applications, temperature control, refrigeration, heating and cooling (HVAC), industrial machinery or heating water.

Energent after careful consideration has selected the VERY best companies in their respective fields to provide enhanced functionality, real-time monitoring across your entire platform as well as providing the highest percentage of savings in the marketplace.  Energent - Intelligent Energy Conservation That Saves You Money!

UTILITY BILL AUDITING - Energent is dedicated to saving you money...whether it is to recapture Errors, Overcharges and Overpaid Taxes from your Electric, Natural Gas and Water companies.  Our national PARTNERS have over 30 years of experience in doing just that.  There are a number of other Auditing Services that we can perform created to drive additional dollars to your bottom line.

WATER HEATING COST REDUCTION - If your company is spending lots of money in heating your water we have the right product for you!  We can return an 8% on average savings back to your positive cash flow.

WASTE & RECYCLING COST REDUCTION - Give us an opportunity to conduct a Waste Needs Analysis (WNA)

and if your spending $500 or more per month....We can help.  Typically, we can slash your waste removal and recycling costs by 50% or more.  Giving you a fast payback (normally under 2 years) and the ability to bale cardboard, crush aluminum and #10 tin cans as well as providing you with an equipment life expectancy of 20 years+.

VOIP PHONE TECHNOLOGY - This technology has been around for years.  There are a handful of Premium Players out there.  Our Technology Partner is one of the Premier companies in this market segment.  With a number of systems best suited for your needs.  SIP TRUNK Pioneers (since 2000)...functionality is the name of the game, reliability, call quality and service ability makes ALL the difference in the world.  Let us do a comparison to what you have now or what you're considering, Energent is here to help!

We work hand-in-glove with you to make things work flawlessly!


We deploy a "tested tough" Project Management initiative in working with our Alliance Partners.  The end-result is a carefully and well-thought-out Solution to your Challenges.