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  • Sustainability

  • Have Better Control Over Future Rising Costs

  • Update Your Technology 

  • Have Peace of Mind

Energent is an Energy Efficiency and Cost Reduction company created to meet the needs of:

  • Quick-Service Restaurants

  • Banks & Credit Unions

  • Convenience Stores

  • Super Markets

  • Schools and Universities

  • Retirement Communities

  • Office Buildings

  • Government

  • And More!


We have done our due diligence in searching out the absolute best companies in their respective fields.  Third generation experience of over 45 years as a Value-Added Reseller.  Given an opportunity to meet with you we are highly confident that we can have a positive impact on your cashflow and reduce your costs by at least 15% to 25% or more! 

Jeffrey Luger

1981 - I started my journey into Energy Savings and Cost Reduction.  I was working on the east coast in Boston, MN working with Luger Sales Company a third generation Manufacturer Rep firm selling the Voltage Control product by Deerfield Systems out of IL.  It was a device that reduced the power going into the lamps by 15% to 20%, but the human eye can only detect a 15% drop in light so it was a slight difference but a the end of the month they would receive their electricity bill and it would to 15% to 20% lower.  Clients: First Bank of Boston, Hanscom Air Force Base

1989 - I was being groomed for Vice President of TFC Corporation (inventor of the Fox Pollution Packer and more notably the first ever snowmobile ("The Tony Pony"- after Tony Fox the founder and CEO).  TFC Corporation invented the first commercial grade in-house compactor that could take 3-4 yards of waste and compact it into 1- 24" X 24" waste cube.  It reduced the garbage pickups (and recycling) by 66% and reduced the size of the dumpster by 50%, in effect slashing the costs by 50% or more!  They were #1 in the world and had dropped back in #3 in sales.  We hadn't sold a compactor in our own backyard for 5 years.  So I created a formula that enabled us to sell into the restaurants (and other businesses) 85% of the time.  I came back for a second stint in 1992 and grew their distribution network from 3 Distributors to 53 in 13 months.  Clients: McDonald's, Burger King, HealthPartners, HCMC, U.S. Navy and St. Thomas University. 

1996 - I worked with the top Utility Auditing company in the U.S. here in MN, they worked with Cub, Super Value and major manufacturing companies that spend a great deal of money in electricity.  After 1-month I was their top salesman and I came up with some innovative ways to get our target market's attention.  I was very effective at what I did.

Clients: Beverly Homes, MN Scrap Metal and Foundry, Rainbow Foods

James Duchene 

Master Electrician & Owner of Energent Electric LLC - Jim’ s career has spanned 4 decades. He has worked in several specialties of the Electrical Industry.  This experience includes:

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Building Automation 

  • Temperature Control.


He has also served as the Master of Record Electrician, in the state of Minnesota, for 7 years with a heavy industrial manufacturer.  His passion is to continue to learn electrical upgrades and new code regulations.

Jim takes each project head on, applying knowledge, skill and with due diligence.  He collaborates with others valuing their insight and experience.  Jim is dedicated to excellence, serving each client with the respect and attention they deserve.





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